Truly rewarding.. :)

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Hi guys!! Happy Superbowl Sunday!

I just wanted to share some outfits that I styled at work, now live on Free People! :)  It’s seriously such a great feeling to see the entire team’s hard work pay off on the website.  It’s been about a month now at Free People and everyday is a new and exciting challenge.   <3

You can see these products live on the site here!

What do you think of my outfits? I had fun styling festival, girly, edgy, & tomboy inspired looks! <3

xo, Chesley

Philly Bound!

Hi everyone!

I made it, finally! After weeks of moving, packing up my condo and handling all the logistics, I finally moved to Philadelphia! :) Here are a few pictures of what has been going on during my first week in this exciting city!

First picture in Philly! It was so cold and windy, but I had such a great time apartment hunting and exploring the city with my dad! I have to get used to this 30 degree weather. ;P


Exploring the city even more!


Visited the URBN Inc. campus with dad! I showed him around my new office, I can’t wait to start work this week! :) **Butterflies in my stomach**

The beautiful city outside our hotel.

Stay tuned for more pictures! Eee so excited!!!

xo, Chesley

Once a Week Chic!

Hey guys!  I want to introduce you to this new website that I’m currently OBSESSED with, Once a Week Chic! They listen to what you want as shoppers and create outfits for you every week that you can buy all for $149, or if you just want a single item you can shop for each item as well!  The outfits they’ve been posting have been super stylish and perfect for Fall!  Take a look at it and let me know what you think!  AND for all my blogger friends, click HERE to be a part of their blogger program. 😉

xo, Chesley

Win a Free ROMWE dress!

Hey guys!!  One of my favorite online stores, ROMWE, is holding a giveaway that you don’t want to miss.  Romwe’s “Free Party Queen Dress” Giveaway is coming up, and they’re giving away three of their hottest styles, with 5 WINNERS EVERYDAY. Crazy right?? It’s open worldwide too, what a bonus. 😉 This giveaway is valid from 9/20/2012 to 10/04/2012.  Be sure to enter now!
How to enter:
1. Sign up on
2. Leave your name & email address on giveaway page:

Good luck everyone!

xo, Chesley

Fashion Dilemma? I’m here to help!

Hi guys!!

First I want to thank you all for supporting me with my new video series with Verve Management, it’s been so rewarding and we’re excited to bring you more videos!  For our newest video series, we want to hear from YOU, my beautiful readers! :)  If you have any fashion or styling question/dilemma, please send them to me and I will answer your questions in the videos!  The questions can be as simple as “What do I wear for Fall??” or can be as complicated and detailed as you like!  I’d love to hear from you and it would mean so much for me to offer my advice and suggestions with you!

To send a question, you can either email me at or ask on Twitter by using hashtag #smileforstyle ! :)

Thank you so much loves! Hope to hear from you soon! <3

xo, Chesley

Happy Mother’s Day!

Meet one of my fashion icons, my gorgeous and fabulous mother! I wanted to dedicate this post to her for Mother’s Day, she is such a strong, caring, loving, determined, and humbled woman.  She’s such an inspiration and has been an amazing role model, mom, and friend my entire life. :)

Happy Mother’s Day to the bestest mom in the world!!! <3

xo, Chesley

Instragram Lovin’

WOOOHOO! I finally have an iPhone! :)  Follow me on Instagram (@smileforstyle) to see my behind the scenes pics of my job as a stylist and much more! Send me your username so I can follow you too. <3

Here is a quick glimpse this past week at work. Enjoy!

xo, Chesley


Merry Christmas everyone!! :) I’m currently back in Fremont, CA my beautiful hometown spending quality time with my family and friends.  Tis the season to be grateful and appreciate what you have.  I’m incredibly blessed for my supportive family, boyfriend, and friends!!

Here is a special Christmas treat I want to share with you all.  Check out this adorable music video my friend put together for her boyfriend’s Christmas present! (I’m in the red sweater).  Watch it, you won’t regret it.  Enjoy! <3

A “Love On Top” Christmas from Jeremy Fabunan on Vimeo.

Welcome: This is Me

Hello world!

This is my new personal style blog where I will share my outfits, fashion inspirations, and random blurbs of everything fashion.  As a model turned fashion stylist turned photographer, I have grown to love this industry like no other.  With the four years of experience I have gained, I believe this is my time to share my knowledge with you.  Fashion is all about being yourself and having fun along the way.  Always remember to smile. :)

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Photography by Josh Allen Green