Today’s Outfit: Birthday in Philly!

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Outfit details: Jacket: Free People; Top: Nordstrom; Jeans: Free People; Booties: Luxury Rebel

Photos by Dylana Suarez

Hi guys!!

So today, Cinco de Mayo, is my birthday!! I turn 24 today and it’s my first birthday in Philadelphia!  I had a great weekend, full of dance, laughs, great talks with friends, and relaxation. It was definitely what I needed. :) When I first saw this jacket at work, I fell in love and knew I had to get my hands on it.  The beautiful embroidery throughout the jacket, the textured material, and the overall lightness of the jacket makes it such a special piece.  This is my birthday present to myself, haha. :)

I hope you all had a great weekend!! Now it’s time to relax and watch movies on TBS, my guilty pleasure. 😉

xo, Chesley

Today’s Outfit: Red & Gold

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Outfit details: Coat: BB Dakota; Top: Michael Kors; Jeans: Free People; Booties: Dolce Vita; Beanie: Cotton On

Photography by Olivia Cady

Hi guys!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. :)  It’s starting to feel like Spring in Philly, the trees are blossoming and the weather is still cool but crisp, I love it!  Living in downtown sure has its perks as I get to just walk around the city aimlessly in this beautiful weather.

Today’s outfit is all about making a statement with this gorgeous red coat from BB Dakota!  I love the shape and streamlined silhouette, I played with black and gold accents for a dressier and edgy vibe! I’m off to go take a dance class and run some errands on this gorgeous Sunday!

Rest up and get ready for the week ahead everyone. 😉

xo, Chesley

Today’s Outfit: I’m back!

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Photos by Olivia Cady

Outfit details: Jacket: H&M; Dress: c/o ROMWE; Blouse: Cotton On; Booties: Dolce Vita

Hi guys!! So so sorry for the mini hiatus from the blog!  It’s been quite a journey getting used to living in Philly and working at Free People, but I feel more relaxed and am getting into the groove of everything. 😉  This week has been crazy, it finally hit 70+ degrees on Monday and it was beautiful!  It finally feels like Spring and I’m excited for the warmer weather.

Here’s a quick outfit I shot with a simpler color palette that I always turn to when I don’t know what to wear. I love this maroon leather jacket, it’s an instant “cool-girl” piece that makes any outfit edgier.  It’s so much more fun shooting in Philly as I live downtown and everything near me has cool walls, cute brownstone homes, and awesome architecture.

Have a great weekend and HAPPY FRIDAY!! <3


Today’s Outfit: Perfectly Monochromatic


Photography by Devin Alexander; Hair/Makeup by KC Witkamp

Outfit details: Sweater: Kenar from Marshalls; Skirt: c/o Lulus; Booties: Luxury Rebel; Necklace: Lily Wang

Hi guys! How is your week going so far?? I’m so excited that tomorrow’s Friday! This week surprisingly went very fast for me, now what to do for the weekend? 😛

I truly miss San Diego weather, I can’t believe I wore this during the Winter right before I moved to Philly! It’s kind of insane how spoiled I was living in California, now that I’m living on the east coast, 45 degrees is warm for me! I loved this statement mini skirt from Lulus, it had the perfect embellishments and I complemented the skirt with monochromatic accessories and layers.

Have a great week everyone! <3

xo, Chesley

Today’s Outfit: Oversized Chic

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Photos by Dylana Suarez

Outfit details: Oversized coat: The Limited; Maroon coat: Jones New York; Pants: Free People; Top: Minusey; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Booties: Zara

Hey guys!! Here is my first outfit post taken in Philly! I’ve lived here for almost two months now, but with the new job, moving, etc. it’s been so hard to take pictures for my blog.  But thanks to my girl Dylana I finally get to share with you a fun, layered outfit in Philly! :)  This day was so much fun, me and Dylana went to a local thrift store nearby and that’s where I scored this awesome oversized coat from The Limited!  I love oversized fits, and the prints and shape made me fall in love with it even more.  Plus, it’s so easy to layer with since it is so oversized. 😉

I hope you guys are having a great weekend! <3

xo, Chesley

Today’s Outfit: Feeling the Love


Outfit details: Dress: Free People; Booties: Luxury Rebel; Necklace: Lily Wang

Photography by Devin Alexander; Makeup/hair by KC Witkamp

Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone!!  I hope your day was full of love and happiness with your friends and loved ones. :)  My Valentine’s day was so much fun! We had tons of sweet goodies at the office, which definitely kept the energy level high the entire day!  Afterwards I hung out with some of my coworkers and had a great time eating at this burger joint, Sketch, in Philly! It was my first Valentine’s day in awhile not spent with my boyfriend, but I did get a surprise in the mail at work from him! He gave me Mrs. Fields cookiessss!! And if you know me, I love cookies way too much.  He knows me so well. 😉

I scored this Free People dress at a consignment store in San Diego and love the sweater material feel of it.  It’s so comfortable yet hugs all the right curves in your body. I thought this dress was most appropriate for Valentine’s. <3

xo, Chesley

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Changes are a good thing


Starting the new year at a new job. Free People’s beautiful lobby! 4a0ca5a264a011e28b9422000a1fbe38_7

First snowfall since I’ve moved to Philadelphia!7654d7c267c211e2aa5e22000a1f96ec_7

Morning walk in the snow. 😉b66c45085e9d11e289bf22000a1fa4a9_7

Behind the scenes of the gorgeous Sheila Marquez at work!6dd397866c9b11e2b60722000a9f09f0_7

Food truck day at work! woot woot!ffcbd26a6c1011e29d4222000a9e0706_7

One of the most fun days at work, when my boyfriend Kyle came with me to work to see me in action. :)  I loved having him visit, but the trip was wayy too short. :(65b33b866ed711e2b9c422000a1f968f_7The gorgeous view from my new studio apartment!

Changes really are a good thing, despite the difficult times and hurdles, I know it’s all going to be worth it. 😉 Thank you to all my amazing readers for your sweet emails of encouragement. <3

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xo, Chesley

NEW! Free People Short Film: Roshambo

Oh my goodness, after watching Free People‘s first ever short film for the February catalog I definitely feel like LOVE is in the air this Valentine’s day.  This short film, titled Roshambo, is a love story between a guy and a girl who have reconnected and have the time of their lives in none other than New York city! The beautiful model/actress Sheila Marquez and this handsome fella you might recognize from HBO’s Girls Christopher Abbott star truly make this short film shine. Check out the short film above AND you can also shop the entire February catalog here!

Do you guys have any fun plans for Valentine’s Day?! <3

xo, Chesley

Today’s Outfit: In a Daze


Outfit details: Sweater: Minusey; Jacket: BB Dakota; Booties: Luxury Rebel; Necklaces: Free People & eBay

Photography by Devin Alexander; Makeup/hair by KC Witkamp

Hi guys!

I hope you’re having a great weekend so far! I just came back from brunch with a co-worker at this adorable place in Philly called Green Eggs Cafe! It was so delicious, and good thing we went early because when we got out of the restaurant the line was SO long!! NY Fashion Week has kicked off this past Thursday and I hope everyone is okay during the snow storm!  Thankfully the snow didn’t hit Philly too bad, so we’re good for now. 😉 I’m finally settled into my new studio apartment and I’m so excited to decorate my cute, adorable space.  I’ll be sure to show you pictures soon!

In today’s look, I am wearing one of my favorite jackets by one of my favorite brands, BB Dakota!  I love the aztec inspired print and the more muted pastel colors, which is more up my alley.  I paired it with maroon leggings, an oversized sweater, and some fun suede booties!  As you probably know by now, this color palette is one of my faves! <3

Have a great weekend everyone!

xoxo, Chesley